How it looks like

When you visualise a Sapphire people automatically think of a blue stone. However, made up of the same minerals as the blue sapphire are the “Fancy Sapphires” which come in violet, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple hues. The sapphire also comes in colours grey, black and brown but they are not considered “fancy”.

It is not commonly known, but sapphires also come in “parti-coloured” stones that display more than one colour.

On the other hand, there are other sapphires that are a single colour but they will change hue depending on the lighting, for instance it will be blue during the day and change to purple under incandescent light. However, these are not as highly sought after.

Another variation of the sapphire is the “Star Sapphire”. This is when the sapphire exhibits the asterism or star effect. This phenomenon usually appears as a six-ray star pattern across a stone’s curved surface.

Where it’s found

  • United States
  • Africa- Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania
  • Madagascar
  • Asia- Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and China
  • Australia


Since ancient times, sapphires have been found and mined in Ceylon or modern Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan sapphires are famous and known by specialists on sight for their luminosity and the multitude of blue variants. The country is also known for the famous orange-pink Padparadscha or “Lotus Flower” which is considered a symbol of Sri Lanka.In ancient Greece and Rome, kings, queens and the nobility believed that blue sapphires protected their owners harm and from the evil eye or jealousy.

In European culture, the sapphire symbolises nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. It has decorated royalty and the members of the clergy for centuries. During the Middle Ages, the clergy wore blue sapphires to symbolises Heaven, and to commoners it was thought it attracted divine blessings.

In other cultures from around the globe, the sapphire has superstitious notions attached to it, for instance it was believed that it had the power to protect chastity, to stop negative feelings and to reveal the truth.

In these modern times, it is known that the finest sapphires come from Kashmir in Afghanistan’s east. These magnificent gemstones where found in 1880 after a landslide. Gem specialists highly regard Kashmir sapphires due to their rich blue colour with violet undertones, its velvet smooth shine and the fact that it does not change colour under different light.